With an everchanging and dynamic environment of Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement, the importance of one factor remains the same... Your bottom line.



Since 1969, Nationwide Credit & Collection, Inc. has been a leader in revenue collection providing unsurpassed results. Our commitment to performance, integrity, and service has resulted in significant increases and consistent results in Revenue Recovery and a Reduction of Aged Accounts.                  
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Nationwide Credit & Collection, Inc., strives to remain a recognized leader among industry peers.  Our dedication to client satisfaction and proven results has positioned NCC at the pinnacle of innovation and success.  Our commitment to excel in all facets of revenue recovery continues to develop the strategies and continued success of Nationwide Credit and Collection, Inc.

  • Pre-Collection Services

  • Flat-Rate Past Due Collection Letter Series

  • Primary and Secondary Debt Collection Services

  • Medicare Debt Recovery
         and CMS Compliant Reporting

  • Business Office Outsource

  • Early-Out, Self-Pay Account Treatment Programs

  • Payment Plan Management

  • Third Party Insurance Facilitation and Follow-Up Services

  • Workers Compensation

  • Personal Injury / Liability

  • Special Accounts Receivable Projects

  • Interim Management and Temporary Help

  • Project Management and Consulting

With the constant transformation and alteration of compliance, regulation, technology and innovation, NCC provides customized solutions based upon your specific needs.

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